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Pest control and carpet cleaning with old fashioned service, we work on the three pillars of Loyalty, Trust and Respect. Experience the difference for yourself.

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Do creepy crawlies keep you up at night? Have a commercial property in need of carpet cleaning? Moving out of a rental with pets and need flea and carpet treatments? Noble services can help.

As a client, you’re much more than just a number. We provide professional quality carpet cleaning and pest control for both commercial and residential clients with a personal touch. Working together, we make it simple and easy to get the job done. From quick turnaround emergencies to outside office hours home visits, we take the extra effort to ensure everything goes smoothly with minimal interruption.

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Noble Services is built on relationships. You come first, and we’ll do what it takes to get your home or office clean and pest-free. From one-off jobs to long-term contracts, we make every job count.



Get the highest quality service every time. You can count on our professional team to provide excellent results regardless of the situation. When it comes to carpet cleaning and pest management, we’ve got you covered.



When we make an appointment, we’ll do everything in our power to be there, or provide ample notification of delays. No muddy shoes or tracked dirt, we pride ourselves on leaving your property in better condition then when we arrived.

Get Rid of Unwanted House Guests

Commercial and Residential Pest Control
Termite inspection and treatment
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Commercial and Residential Pest Control

If you’ve got a problem with multi-legged creatures taking over your space, we can help. We have extensive experience dealing with all many of pests in all kinds of scenarios. We only use approved and responsible chemicals that family and pet friendly. All you need to do is pick up the phone.

Our general pest treatment covers the following in and around the home:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish

We also provide additional services covering issues like rodents in your roof void and walls and ant infestations in your lawns and gardens. If you don’t see your issue here, just give us a call and if can’t help you then we’ll point you in the right direction.

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Termite inspection and treatment

Get peace of mind with yearly termite inspections. We go over your entire property to check for signs of termite attack before they can do extensive damage. If we do find an infestation, we can provide treatment to suit the specifics. We offer both chemical barrier systems and baiting arrangements, all fully accredited and warrantied to leave you sleeping soundly again.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management is about working together to ensure long term reductions. More than just chemical treatments, we can provide information on how to reduce the likelihood of pests returning to property. From minimising pest food sources to clearing vegetation that provides habitats and access, there are many environmentally sensitive ways to achieve longer-lasting protection from pests.

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Hygienically clean carpets for healthier living

Residential Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Treatment Methods
Residential Carpet Cleaning

Whether you’re leaving a tenancy and need carpet cleaning for your bond or just looking to refresh your home, Noble Services will get the job done. We work with all materials, including wool, and can advise on the most appropriate treatment for your situation. From steam cleaning to more complex chemical options, whatever you’ve spilt we do our best to get your carpets looking new. Even old, tired carpets can benefit from cleaning, to assist in creating a hygienic environment.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With often strict timeframes for access and drying, commercial carpet cleaning requires more planning and preparation to ensure minimal business disruption. From small, pokey office spaces to grand hotel ballrooms, Noble Services can work with you to find the right time and method to keep you running cleanly.

Treatment Methods

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning provides a deep clean right down to the base of the carpet, providing a thorough clean. It is most suited for areas that can be left for a couple of hours as it does leave your carpet slightly damp. As such, it is best suited for homes and vacated premises.


A chemical treatment whereby a liquid is applied to the carpet and scrubbed into the weave. This chemical encapsulates the dirt, breaking the bonds to the carpet. When dried, it is simply vacuumed up. Great for tight spaces where access for larger cleaning equipment is prohibitive.

Dry Compound Cleaning

Dry compound cleaning is the fasted drying method. It works by scrubbing absorbent particles into the carpet which, despite the name, are slightly damp to attract and encapsulate the dirt. It is then vacuumed when dry, taking the dirt with it. This is most suitable for offices or other situations requiring fast drying times.

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